Marbeca Bakery

The Marbeca Bakery specialises in custom cakes and cupcakes. We design and create hand-crafted decorations and cakes tailored to fit any theme or event ranging from wedding designs, holidays, birthdays and christenings to personalised cakes or cupcakes for corporate events and gifts. Our goal is simple - to create an amazing centre piece to set off your special day or event.

About Me


Hi, I'm Marcia and I am the proud owner of The Marbeca Bakery. I grew up loving art and anything that involved using my creativity and imagination. As an adult I developed a love for food and the art of cooking which then transitioned into a keen passion for baking. I would spend my free time in the kitchen testing and retesting various cake recipes in search of 'perfection'. After gaining more confidence in my baking, I felt it was time to test my abilities and creativity so I passed out samples to anyone who would try them. Before long, requests started piling in for cupcakes and the Marbeca Bakery was born. Baked cupcakes soon became decorated cupcakes, decorated cupcakes then grew into single and tiered cakes by request.

I've thoroughly enjoyed developing the bakery and reaching out to more and more people. It's a wonderful feeling when customers come back time and time again with new challenges and creations for me to take on.

If I'm baking for an event, I build the cake on a particular theme and consider any traditional requirements relevant for the day. If it's for an individual, I like to get to know their personality, their interests and their quirks. This helps me design a cake that's unique and personal to them.

Most people give me an overview or theme and leave the rest up to me. I take a rough idea and add my own design suggestions and creative inputs. I personally design and decorate every cake I make and each creation is carefully hand crafted to the highest standards using the finest ingredients. This ensures your cake not only looks beautiful, but tastes amazing too.

My goal is to create something that not only brightens your day, but really leaves a lasting memory. If you're looking for a unique and beautiful creation and want to add that extra special touch to an event or celebration, please don't hesitate to get in touch to discuss your thoughts and ideas. I look forward to hearing from you!

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