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The Marbeca Bakery specialises in custom cakes and cupcakes. We design and create hand-crafted decorations and cakes tailored to fit any theme or event ranging from wedding designs, holidays, birthdays and christenings to personalised cakes or cupcakes for corporate events and gifts. Our goal is simple - to create an amazing centre piece to set off your special day or event.

Pricing Guide



All cakes and cupcakes are custom designed and vary in size, decor and the amount of time required to create them. Pricing is based on the complexity of your cake design and the number of servings. Below you will find base pricing for cupcakes and cakes as well as wedding cake toppers. If you would like a quote tailored to your needs, please get in touch by using the Request a Quote form. 




  • Swirl of buttercream, edible sprinkles (optional) - from £2.50.
  • Decorated and sugarpaste covered - from £3.50 each. 
  • *Minimum order of 12 for standard size cupcakes.



  • Mini cupcakes - from £1.20 each.  
  • Mini cocktail cupcakes - from £1.35 each. 
  • *Minimum order of 24 for miniature cupcakes.



Below are a few examples of our starting prices for a plain iced round cake with a ribbon, covered board and box. All cakes are 4-layers and 4-5 inches in height. Final price will depend on size of cake, flavour, number of tiers and complexity of overall design. Fruit cakes will incur an additional charge.

Single tier:

  • 6" sponge from £45  
  • 8" sponge from £60  
  • 10" sponge from £70


Custom wedding cakes start at £250.

Final price of your wedding cake will depend on size, flavour, intricacy of design and number of tiers. A £20 delivery/set up fee is built into the cost of your wedding cake.


All toppers are sculpted by hand and custom made to your specifications. Below is a guide to get you started on pricing, if there is something you would like that you don't see on the price list please let us know. Prices are dependant on size and level of detail (the size of the top tier of your cake will determine the overall size of your topper).

In order for us to personalise your topper please consider supplying us with the following information as well as any other details you feel may be helpful, the more detailed the better!

  • Wedding dress - photos of the front as well as the back of the dress if possible.
  • Hairstyles - pictures of how you will be wearing your hair on your wedding day.
  • Wedding Flowers/colours - details of your flowers and colours.
  • A picture of you as a couple together - gives an idea of your relative statures.
  • Details of what the groom will be wearing - images of the grooms suit. If the groom is in a service uniform this can be accommodated also.
  • Information/pics of any additional family members or details you would like on the topper.



  • Wedding Couple: from £95 per pair

  • Babies/Children: from £30 per child

  • Pets (dog or cat): from £20 each
  • Cars: from £50

 *Final pricing will depend on level of detail and size of your toppers.


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